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  Hydraulic Buffer         
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Note Matters:
KKS structural functionality h
KKS hydraulic snubber cushion
Use issues / conditions of use
Application Scope
KC Series -- compensating for
Precision-speed device
Location stop nut
Adjustable Series -- KD
Use issues / conditions of use
   1, tie series GPS cap installed KSC, precision positioning and adjustment program.
2, the mechanical maintenance of security, to prohibit the use of disintegration. 3, spraying is prohibited in the canal and cardiac axis, the effect and impact of a spill heat phenomenon.
4, please note plate assembly strength and eccentric perspective.
5, the installation of two ipsilateral above, please confirm synchronous

1, the direction of movement (level unguided free-fall, rotating body. )
2, the combined weight of three moving objects. Additional Propulsion (gas, hydraulic cylinder motors. )
3, instantaneous velocity.
4, the number of hourly impact.
5, the installation of several ipsilateral.


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