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   In an increasingly competitive market, the use of automation in the industry and increase its operational efficiency is a major issue. However, high-speed operation, it is also a vibration and noise, the method used for processing pad or early spring. comparison of energy absorption and release of its ability to solve these problems more clearly KKS hydraulic buffers, Objects moving its functions to be converted to heat energy generated and released to the atmosphere, they can be used on every object will be a smooth and effective action to stop that in the past many manufacturers to cut costs, use only plastic PU. Spring buffer do so, but often ineffective, the noise level remains the same, unable to raise efficiency; KKS hydraulic buffers will be used to choose an effective solution to the ills caused by bad buffer. Shengli of mechanical efficiency, lower maintenance costs to lengthen the life of machines. maintain the stability of the quality of machinery products, machinery operational safety to avoid accidents. Working to improve the work environment to improve the competitive edge of enterprises to increase efficiency
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